Winners & birthday stuff!

Well, all the giveaways are over! 


I really meant to launch the BIG one yesterday, on my actual birthday. But then, I enjoyed myself instead. Nice! So tomorrow we really will launch a huge giveaway and I invite you all to enter :)

The winner of the THIRTY BUCKS!!!! to Little Red Wren is Raegan Turner.  Which is awesome, because we've taken Raegan's pictures before and know first hand that her little gal is to die for cute.  Raegan, email me for deets!

The winner of the 1st headband (grey rosette) from My Sweet Sunshine is: Christine, who said "Loving that first one. So purtyyyyyy! I'd love to call it mine :)"  Email me, Christine!

The yellow clippie goes to Anna who says "I love the clip!" Way to say it how it is, Anna. Email me!

And the pink headbank goes to Michelle Herrick who says "Ummmm, I'll take the pink headband please... or the yellow clip... actually they are all divine! ;-)".  Michelle, you are divine, my friend.

The winner of the Cinnamon Sticks camera necklace is: Bobbie Brown!  You are lucky, Bobbie, lots of chicks wanted that necklace! :) Email me, please!

OK I think that about does it.


Now for the birthday stuff!

I am now 31 years old.  One year in, I am completely loving my thirties.  I received the best note from my mom on my birthday.  I want to share some with you.  My mom is always so positive and good at sharing her thoughts on life.  Here's what she said:

Since you are now in your thirties, I will say that I felt I was at my prime in my thirties.  Yes, even in the later thirties.  They are great years.  You usually look, feel and act the best you ever have and ever will again so enjoy!!!  

The forties are good also but your kids get older and it complicates your life because you are usually basing your schedule around yourself and your husband but then your kids start taking an upper hand in the matter.

 You will not feel old at fifty.  People think you feel old at fifty but if you have taken care of yourself at all, you don't feel any different.  

At 60, you know you should feel old but your not ready to yet, so you don't.  You look in the mirror when you are near the end of your 60s and think "I look so old".  Then you remember, you are old (but I keep forgetting about it unless I look in the mirror!). That's as far as I can go with it because that is how old I am, 68!  

This is what I love about my mom.  She forgets her age unless she looks in the mirror. I think she did a fabulous job of teaching me how to enjoy life.  I'm pretty much the poster child for having as much fun as possible, so thanks, mom for giving me that gift. 

She also taught me how to work hard.  And life is about working hard and playing hard. 31 year old me is doing a great job of both, I'd say :)

I too forget how old I am until I look in the mirror.  I feel like a teen still. My mom and I are the first ones ready to do something silly or crazy in a group- along with my crazy brother. 

So I guess what I'm trying to say is: Stay Young.  You're only old if you let yourself BE old.  And why the heck would you do that. :)

Thanks to everyone for the wonderful birthday wishes. 31 is going to be a fabulous year, I'm so, so excited.


The workshop site is a hit!  I'm so glad I launched it before this amazing weekend; it was great to get such kind feedback on it.  We still have room for the enlighten: goPro workshop, April 9-10th in Phoenix if you want in.  EPIC!

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