Enlighten photography workshops- launched!

So excited to finally have a website up for our workshops... and be able to anounce our very first goPRO workshop by Blue Lily!  Wooooooooooooot!

Click here to see it... then sign up for every single workshop possible.  Jk. 

Screen shot 2010-02-27 at 10.41.36 PM.png

No, really, this intensive workshop we call the ENlightEN: goPRO workshop is my baby. I've been working hard on it and to have a set date and an itinerary and all the goods lined up... such a relief.

We're holding the first goPRO workshop in Phoenix, Arizona on April 9-10th. Space is limited! Here are the exact details:

DAY 1: $599
Finding confidence to go pro
Shooting in morning hours and non-ideal lighting
Interacting with clients and keeping them happy and comfortable
Seeing light; using it to your advantage
Finding inspiration and staying creative/fresh
Business aspects-taking it up a notch and pricing structure
Editing: finding your own style and running with it
TWO client shoots (wedding couple and family)
DAY 2: $299
workflow (bridge or lightroom)
blogging and social networking
balancing life and work
off camera lighting, studio (child as subject)
off camera lighting, outdoor (high school grad as subject)

We encourage you to come to both days, to get the full Blue Lily enlightenment. All participants will receive packets of helpful guides such as:

  • a digital copy of Blue Lily's newly redesigned What to Wear guide, so you can customize it for your business
  • a posing guide for HS seniors, families and couples
  • a set of Blue Lily's own workflow and artsy actions we use on a daily basis
  • resources packet (details on what we use and where to get it)
  • off camera lighting guide

The enlighten: goPro workshop does not include housing/hotel; it does include lunch and dinner on April 9th and breakfast on the 10th. Day 2 is a 6 hour day.

If you have any questions about the workshop, please let us know at info@bluelilyphotography.com

Once again... I'm so, so excited about this. Tyler too- but he's not quite at the level of obsession that I am.

If you've been waiting for a workshop that focuses on sending you to the Pro level- this is it.

(note: the dates for the Enlighten: lite and Enlighten: shoot workshops are not yet on the site and won't be for a week at least.  I really just needed to hurry and launch for the  goPRO level.)

Off to a great wedding tomorrow- then it's the BIG BIRTHDAY!!  Turning 31 is rad.

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