Isaac performed his first burn three weeks ago.   

“Hey Dad, are you tired?  You look sleepy.  BURN!”  The burn takes me by surprise.  I have never heard Isaac use the burn.  This is the pinnacle of his abilities.  It it is a solid burn.  It is not the most clever burn ever, but he is six.  Cut him some slack.  

“Hey Mom.  Good Morning.  BURN!”  This is a more typical burn.  It is not a great stand alone burn.  But, because the mind tries to make sense of things, it comes across as a decent burn.  One assumes that he is being sarcastic or ironic or nuanced.  None of these are true.  However, it makes me laugh.

This is a mistake.  The burns go from reaching to dreadful when parental laughter is introduced.  “This is my floor, Burn!  It is red, BURN!  HAHA BURN!  BURN! BURN! BURN!”  And he is so gleeful and giddy, that I laugh some more.  And so the burns degrade into a whirlpool of descending intelligibility.  

Isabelle committed her first burn two and a half weeks after Isaac’s first burn.  Of course, by then, Isaac has burned me 591 times, Wendy 392 times (she is smarter than I am, and, therefore, a little harder to burn), Isabelle 1,491 times (I am not going to say that she is dumb, you vultures, but she is young), Papa 58 times (Isaac sees him a lot less), the neighbor 18 times, and the postman once.  

So, although it had been a short span of time, there had been a whole lot of exposure.  

“Isabelle are you hungry?”  Wendy asks as we drive home.

“Why?  Burn.  We don’t got no food!”  Now, I grant you that this is not normal burn syntax.  But, if we put that aside, it is a really good first burn.  Also, the grammar is a bit raw, but still.  I surmise that she was so excited to get it out, that she stumbled over her words.  I appreciate her eagerness to burn enough that I am willing to look past the awkward structure.  

That night, Wendy and I are hanging out with the kids.  We are deciding whether to take them to the zoo the next morning.  We don’t want them to know we are talking about going, in case we decide not to.  

“Hey guys” Wendy says, “Can you leave us for a second so we can have a meeting.”

“A meeting of who?”  Isaac asks.

“A meeting of the minds” Wendy replies.

Isaac looks back and forth between us. “I don’t see any minds here.”  I wait for the BURN.  We have two avid burners here.  This is going to be a good one.

He turns around, shakes his head confusedly, and walks out with Belle.


Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer

(from our recent family trip to Disneyland... Christmas post is coming shortly.)

ps: so what if Isaac has a metal tooth. it's not what it seeeeeeeeeems!


BLUE LILY | Lifestyle Photographer | Salt Lake City, Utah