Bee a Ninja.

I perused through a batch of images Tyler took during our 1 day stop in Utah two days before Halloween. I laughed the whole time and I hope to successfully show you why. 

These pictures bring up a lot of warm emotions in me- I love seeing my dad with the kids- Belle just loves to be read to, and could sit still for 9 hours straight IF she was read to.  My dad reads with a lot of expression in his voice and face, and I simply love it.

So here are my favorite three:


Love this because:

1. My eye is first drawn to Belle's habit of biting her nails. No, I don't particularly love that she does that, but, it is a memory nonetheless and she looks more adorable doing this in a bee costume than in regular getup.

2. The book. I'm sure it's a really, really lame book out of a cereal box or something. But...

3. Look at my dad's facial expression. He's sooooo into the ceral box story.

4. Then, your eye goes to the


in the backround.  Awesome!



Love this because:

Fingers are now out of belle's mouth and into eyebrow area. Has she finally realized she has no actual brows, and decided to substitute with index fingers? Genius. And, I double love this photo because Belle looks like my favorite animated characters ever:  The Russian Pill Bugs in A Bug's Life, named "Tuck" and "Roll".  Anybody know those guys? They are HILARIO!

And last:


love this because:

duh. it's a freaking hilarious photo of my darling dad and my poser children.

And yep, Grampa is still REALLY into the book!

Love you, Dad, Isaac, and Belle... and especially Tyler for documenting these memories.


BLUE LILY | Lifestyle Photographer | Salt Lake City, Utah