hot moms, this one is for you

It is important to say straight off that this is Wendy writing :)

I've finally had the time to sit down and plan out this year's version of Boudoir shoots.  I'm really excited about this- last year was fun but in order to please a wider audience, we're shakin' things up a bit.

This year, we're having Hot Momma shoots instead of boudoir shoots. They still can be boudoir shoots in a swanky hotel room if you'd like, or you can come in your most amazing of outfits and do shots in and around the hotel, or you can opt for some beautiful headshots.  

Basically these shoots are whatever you want them to be; don't be afraid to run your ideas by me.

I feel it's important to say that while your man will LOVE these pictures of you, and cherish them always, almost 100% of clients last year said that in the end, it felt like a present for themselves.  Brought major feelings of hawtness and increased self esteem.  I like to think that the Blue Lily way of photographing allows the viewer to see the soul of the subject- so these sessions are perfect for showing who you really are.

Do it for you.

Do it for him.

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I just hope you do it! In the words of a client: "I just wanted to say that I did the boudoir sessions with Wendy last year and I am so glad I did.  If you have ever thought about it, do it. You'll regret it if you don't.  We always make excuses or wait until we are in better shape. Just do it!!! You'll be happy!"  -JN

Yes, you'll be nervous coming in to it, but when you leave, you'll feel empowered, beautiful, and like the REAL you.  You deserve this! (unless you are a man... in that case why are you still reading?  hmm???)

UTAH  and LOS ANGELES HOT MOMS:  if interested in a hot mom shoot, email me asap.  Dates are in the works. Will be weekday appts, so keep that in mind.

ETA: due to high response: Utah, I'll be there on Jan. 25th and 26th. AWESOME.  

LA, the date has been settled- Jan. 22nd - email me, just 1 spot left

I'd elaborate more on the possible nature of these shoots, but I have confirmation that there are 8 year olds reading this blog. (?!)  So please do email me even if you are a little interested.

the end.


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