I'm warning you now

that I'm a little hyper tonight.

I spent the morning in a total fog (another nasty head cold).  The afternoon was spent in a working frenzy (hot mom shoots in SLC- off the hook!) And the evening?

In the evening I held a beginner's camera workshop.  I had so much fun, and even after the first 10 minutes when I grew tired of my 4 year old voice, I still had fun.  I can't speak for the participants, but I think they had a good time too, learning all the mysteries of their cameras. 

Learning photography can be hard. There's a lot of language and terminology that can confuse and frustrate, especially when trying to learn from a manual or a book.  I really enjoyed seeing those lights go on tonight, the attendees making connections and understanding what was going on inside their camera. If you can't make it to one of our future Basic Camera Talk Workshops, see if you can nab somebody who can sit down with you and explain it all (but they probably won't have red hair like me, and therefore, not as cool). (if I do say so myself.) We are going to be holding these Basic workshops everywhere we travel this year. Neat!

Basically, what am I saying? I love camera talk.  (even if it is 4 year old voice camera talk.)

Tomorrow night I'll be home, snug in my bed, having visited Utah for less than 48 hours.  I didn't see ANYONE or do anything besides hot momma shoots and mentoring, so next time, I promise to see more people.


small side note to people who personally know my kids: Isabelle is nesting. She has turned our linen closet into a nest, adorably complete with padding and toys/books worked in there. I FINALLY caught her in it, and took a picture. She also had a friend over to her nest... take a look here

Another small side note: I made EPIC veggie burgers for our family dinner a while ago.  See here, and try to stop from drooling on your keyboard. Yes, I am chef.

yet another: I would say I am blogging here today, but clearly that was last week. I need to be more on top of things. Check out the link, Delightful is a very adorable blog; you won't regret it.

last one:  here's a little montage of our last day of shoots in LA at the Santa Monica Pier.  We're having two more LA days coming up; Feb 20th and April 15th

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