endearing disgust

Today I walked into my sons room and, though I've been taken out by this horrific cold, was overcome with the smell of:


You know, that musty, dank, permeating odor accompanied by boy?  I had no idea that he was old enough for this.  

I stood there by his bookshelf pondering.  I thought about all the times I had walked into my brother's rooms and smelled this same scent. In a way, it was endearing. In another way, it was putrid.

I wondered what causes this smell- unclean rooms? hidden morsels of food? science experiments gone wrong? voodoo?

The laundry?

Because I am stupid, I leaned over the hamper to take a whiff. Not too bad.  Until I got really close to a dingy-grey tube sock (why? why tubes?).  

There. There it was. The culprit, the origin of offense. A sock. One measly boy sock. 

And that, my friends, is where this story almost ends.

Sometimes as parents, we realize that we've failed at communicating the important things. In this case, I failed to ever inform my kid that a clean pair of socks is necessary every day.  EVERY DAY.  Underwear, yes... we covered that.  But how could socks have escaped this lecture?  

I disgust myself.

Let us now segue into the pictures... very roughly.  Two cute girls, with clean socks. At a junkyard.


PS: did you hear? We'll be shooting in Oahu this summer too. June 16-17th.  Email if you want in!


BLUE LILY | Lifestyle Photographer | Salt Lake City, Utah