Mary, Mary

Tyler has a buddy named Paul. They've been friends since their first year of college. I know, cute, huh!?

For the last 7 years, Tyler and Paul haven't lived near each other- he missed Paul's marriage to Sarah, their first child's birth, and only once have we reunited since then.  Paul is hilario to the max; Sarah an equally witty beauty.  Such fun, happy souls, and it seems only right that their 2 year old daughter Mary is the same way.

We went to Atlanta last week to visit Paul, Sarah and Mary.  Seeing Paul and Tyler together again, being ridiculous and funny and digging up old inside jokes... it was amazing. We loved every minute of it. 

Paul and Sarah are now expecting baby #2.  Tyler thought it would be nice to make a video of the three of them, to document the dynamics of their little family before it grows a bit more.  Nothing else needs to be said- the video shows it all. Enjoy.




Oh, p.s:  The giveaway?  Mmmhmm?  Guess what it is:  $100 to anything off etsy- anything of your choice. We'll have the details up tomorrow. Be prepared to tell me how you wanna spend it! I'm going to bed. At 7 pm.  Yup.


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