Get'yer free, amazingly cute jewelry! (giveaway)

A lovely little gift came in the mail last weekend.  My new friend Lisa of Lisa Leonard Designs  sent me three beautiful silver pieces of jewelry. 

Three!  Three peices of blissful, wearable heaven!  I was so stoked, not only because I just scored a lot of adorableness, but because I now knew where to do a large chunk of my Christmas shopping.

You know, at Lisa's shop.  Because her jewelry is BEAUTIFUL!

Check it:

OH THE CUTE.  Carpe diem!  love it.  Check out the other side of this bracelet:

Just beautiful. Below is a picture of a necklace I love (especially I love the ball chains- so dainty):

Frick. The simple beauty is almost overwhelming.  

And then this one, with another birdy:

Well, the pictures speak for themselves. You can see why I was giddy to receive them.

But then I was like, hmmmmmm, I could either keep all of these and be greedy... orrrrrrr..... I could share. 

So I'm being a good little share-er.**

Who want's a pretty necklace? or bracelet?  Enter this giveaway!  All you have to do is make a comment below before next Tuesday, the 22nd of September.  Tell me which peice of jewelry you'd like, and also, let's do a roll call.  I want to know who reads this blog.

Anyone? I'm pretty sure Lisa reads it. And my mom.  

Just kidding. For the roll call, just let me know if you are:

a) a curious blog reader

b) a photographer

c) an alien

d) an aspiring photographer

e) an enemy

Not too hard, right?

DO IT. Go comment now and good luck winning!  Here and here are some other items I want to gobble up from here store. Oh, and this. YUM.

Love ya Lisa, glad we could be friends.  Because this whole one-sided giving is really working out for me. :)

** you realize I'm keeping one of the items, right? I'm not THAT good at sharing!

Oh... one more thing. I love Lisa's business cards.  Clean, simple, sufficient. And, amazing.