yes we CAN!

We CAN figure out a winner to our contest, but not without your help.  People- we are leaving it up to your vote.  You see- we've whittled this down to our top 3 favorite entries that we just can't decide between.  3 entries that took a lot of time or a lot of creativity or a lot of guts.

To refresh your memories, the winner gets:

One photoshoot with WendyTyler

One Canvas- 24x36 (um hulloh! That's HUGE!)

Once disc of 20+ images

Dinner on us after the shoot.

 Prize is valued at $940. 

If you have a minute, take a seat and come see what's been going on behind the scenes during this contest.


This entry made me laugh for a few days straight. It is shocking. It is hilarious. And, I'm warning you there is something shocking in this video- I don't want to ruin the surprise- but if you are easily offended and/or don't like tushies, don't watch!

This is what the children are saying in the video:

Boy: "Blue Lily Photography makes my mom happy."

Girl: "My dad will do anything to make my mom happy."

All kids: "and we mean ANYTHING!"

CLEARLY this may be the best entry. And because I know you are wondering, yah, we did get permission from the dad to put that up for all to see!


Early on in the contest, we received a picture montage video and a bunch of emails from Lisa, who said she's had a rough year and could really use a family photo session with Blue Lily.  Lisa has survived cancer and is now living the rest of her life with one of the most positive, uplifting attitudes I've ever seen. She's definitely an inspiration to us all.

Here's her video:

Photo and video editing at

On top of all this, Lisa Facebooked and emailed us like a billion times, as did a kajillion of her friends and family. We love that she got everyone involved. And then she made another picture montage video full of all things Blue- including some of her favorite Blue Lily shots. Clever!

But the thing that touched me most about this contest is that early on, a woman named Lauren was gunning for the win. She painted her car Blue Lily style, had her friends flood my inbox and the comment section, and was fully into the contest. Until she read one of Lisa's comments, followed a few links, and read Lisa's story. Lauren then gave up on winning for herself and posted on multiple websites and forums, asking readers to come show Lisa their support. Lauren dropped out of the race for the free Blue Lily session + canvas, etc. and focused on helping Lisa win.

And Lauren's not the only woman who dropped out to help Lisa win.  So that just goes to show you that Lisa is a touching, influential person with a great story behind her.


Ashley decided to approach the contest in yet another different way. We received a lot of entries wherein people painted their cars blue or held up signs declaring their Blue Lily love, etc.- but Ashley's pictures really stuck in our mind.  

Ashley says she's been "known to get crazy a time or two in my life" and went crazy showing her Blue Lily love with her BODY and her KIDS' bodies. Check it out:


She let the children PAINT themselves... how cool is that? Ashley will you be my mommy?


The above picture pretty much seals the deal for me along with the one below. HELLO TINY CUTE SMURFY GIRLS! (and the censor bars? HILARIO!)


No doubt about it- Ashley & girls are serious about BLUE lily.  Here's Ashley's full blog entry about the contest. All pictures above are taken by Ashley.

OKAY! You've seen the entries and now it's time... for YOU to vote.  Let's recap:

Contestant #1: Blue Lily Bum-shot video

Contestant #2: Cancer Survivor/Extreme Blue Lily fan Lisa

Contestant #3: Surfer Smurf girls show their blue colors

Please vote in the poll below- only one vote per computer!

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Votes can be cast until Friday at midnight PST.



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