Housekeeping, you want me fluff your pillow?

Hey! I'm back! I'm glad Tyler could entertain you all while I was gone.

Washington DC was, hmmm what are the youth saying these days... "Off the hook!"  No, really, it was awesome. We should sit down and talk about it sometime.

This post is a travel update. Exciting, right?

First off: Next week is NEW YORK CITY!  I have a few times left to be filled. Check out this page to schedule something. It's mother's day soon, so... perfect excuse.

Next: My Houston Session signups have been launched. Very few spots, grab one while you can. I'll also be hitting Dallas on this trip, I hope. Just need a few more families and then that will be solid.

And: The UTAH signups are well under way- this June, from the 17-20th, we'll be shooting in the Orchard (of course) in Provo and also at Star Mill in American Fork.  This is our last planned  trip to Utah until the Holiday Season.

Finally: This weekend we cover a wedding in Arizona.  If anybody would like a Heritage Square session on Friday afternoon in Phoenix at 5:00 pm, bring it on!  Special session price, $100 off our normal $440 travel session. NICE.

Well, I think that's it. I now go to reply to ya'll (see, already love Texas) who emailed about the D300 for sale.

Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer
Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer

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