on creativity

Are you an artist?

Do you feel like a creative person?

I ask because sometimes a person will comment on my creativity and I think, "mmm?!" I don't really feel all that creative.  I just do what I do and most of the time I like it. But I have to admit, I don't think of myself as a very creative person. Mostly just a lucky person.

I wonder if this is normal. I wonder if other photographers walk around thinking, "Yup. I've got originality. I've got the juices flowing. I AM AN ARTIST."

For me, I go on a shoot, meet my client, and before I know it, the session is over, I did whatever I did, and everyone is happy.  It really is a little like a trance.  I work furiously, yea, even spastically.  Have you seen the show "Heroes"? You know those annoying parts when Matt Parkman blacks out and gets white in the eyes and goes crazy with the painting of the future?  I hate those parts. But sadly, I have to compare my sessions with that. 

I leave a session and think, those people were awesome. What the heck just went down?

And then I come home and look at my files and think... oooohhhh.  THAT just happened. 

The point is, I'd like to believe that creativity is a part of me. I fantasize that deep down I've got a "creative gene".  I never, ever was able to recognize any creativity in myself until I picked up a camera. 

Love at first shot.

Sometimes this love of photography is overwhelming. OK, a lot of times it is.  I'm going to come clean; sometimes, yes, sometimes, I look at a photo I took and I think:


And I give myself a pat on the back.

And I think, hells yes I'm an artist.

That there is a work of art.

And then I look at the rest of my life and everything I'm not good at, everything I could be better at.

And get put back in my place.

And the world keeps on moving! 

Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer
Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer
Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer
Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer
Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer
Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer

To all you photogs (and others) out there:

Do you feel like an artist?



BLUE LILY | Lifestyle Photographer | Salt Lake City, Utah