been a rough 1.5 weeks

Phew.  Didn't know if I'd ever make it back here!  Funny how one can miss the blog world so much.

Yah... we got some evil virus. If you know me at all, you know that I'm the most pathetic sick person. Every minute I feel on the brink of death. Must be really annoying to know me when I'm sick.  

Our 1.5 weeks in a nutshell:

Hacking coughs

Recurring fevers- up to 104 at least once a day

Misery... so much misery...

4 people, one family- cramped too closely together for too long.

sinus infections

evil, evil sore throats

achy bodies

single-handedly keeping the over the counter medication industry in business

more fever

more hacking

constant filling and re-filling the water for humidifiers.

Still had photo shoots every day... and my worst day, had a wedding to cover! Somehow pulled through.

Yah, good times. I think this could have been a lot easier had I taken any of us to the Dr. I despise the Dr's office and refuse to go. I paid for it this time.

Coming out of this thing, I realize once again the huge responsibility being a parent is.  There is no break.  You may be sick, lying there wondering how you can go on, but you still have these little people to care for... and wow, that's hard.

I'm gonna be honest. It was so hard I didn't think I'd make it without breaking down. I was so hard I feel like I could go a couple of weeks without the little people and not quite miss them too much.  

Shouldn't admit that in public. 

Too late!

But, I did laugh hysterically when Isaac said to me yesterday, "Mom, my firing humans ran out of water." Puzzled, I thought... what the.... then said, "You mean your humidifiers?" Couldn't breathe from all the laughing.

See? I do love to be around little people!

Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer
Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer
Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer
Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer

I must edit to add:  I could have been way, way, behind in my work after being sick for so long- but I have a secret helper who has saved my bacon. I'm ahead of my workload right now. WOOOHOOOOO! Thank you secret helper person! You are the best.


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