While that cat's away the mouse will play

Wendy is in D.C. I am taking advantage of the 3,000 mile buffer in three ways.

1-I am lonely (wait, that doesn't really count as taking advantage).

Let me try again,

1-I miss her. (Dang, I am not very good at this.)

Let me try one more time.

1-I am posting here. Nicely done, Sir.

Well, maybe not nice as in nice post, but nice as in nice, now you are not totally blowing it with the taking advantage talking points.

2- I redid the opening slideshow on the website here . There are around 200 new pictures.

3-I am using the number three very liberally. It is very liberating (Ok it is a stupid joke, but I am okay with that.)

So, I figure, if at least a few of you go check out the slideshow and say things like "Tyler, that was the best slideshow ever. You are the wind beneath my wings," Wendy might be alright with what I have done. I mean, that sounds pretty convincing to me.

On the other hand, if you say things like, "Tyler, you are a bad, bad man" then maybe she will drive get back a few minutes earlier from her trip to tell me that I made a mistake.

So, it is a win-win-win, really.

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