I'm feeling MUCH better, so let's do a giveaway!

I know I don't usually write posts like the previous one, because in all honesty I hardly ever feel down like that. I felt bad venting on my blog here, but wow, I can say that good things came from it.

Six people offered to watch my children the next day (saints, all of them).

Two people brought me candy to aid me in wallowing in misery (they know what I like).

Lots of people emailed me to console and commiserate (how I love you all). 

And lots, lots, lots of hugs were received (hugging is therapy).


So, thank you dear lovely people, for being a listening ear. It worked, I bounced back with a vengeance and once again feel like taking over the world.

I have something very cool to share, which ties into the giveaway.  It's a short film made by my uber handsome, super creative, insanely genius brother who is a professor of Graphic Design at BYU. To think that he did this alphabet/typography project FRAME BY FRAME, without help from a plug-in or filter, is ASTOUNDING.  The guy is a typographic genius and in my humble, unbiased opinion, is a top-notch creative mind, don't you think? Enough bragging.

For the giveaway, which is ONE FREE BLUE LILY MINI SESSION, take a gander at the video below and then comment on what you think about it.  The film is a sort of commentary on overcoming failure in the creative process. We all go through that, time and time again. Only Brent can sum it up in a gnarly video.

F is for FAIL from Brent Barson on Vimeo.

As for the prize, the free mini session, anybody is eligible to win, across the nation. Chances aren't too bad that I'll be visiting your area soon.  This year I'm headed to Sacramento, San Francisco, Washington DC, Las Vegas, New York City, Atlanta Georgia, North Carolina, Arizona, Utah and possibly Florida... and that's just what I know of right now. Id like to add Portland, Seattle and Connecticut or Maine by the year's end. Wowsers.

One comment per person please, and the deadline is Next Thursday night, March 19th at midnight!

Enjoy the video, I certainly do.


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