This week I've been engaged in some pretty sweet birthday fun.  I know- my actual 30th bday isn't until Saturday. But if you know me at all, you know I love to celebrate a little longer than is, er... appropriate.

Yesterday Tyler gifted me my "big gift".  You should know that we are, year after year, so excited about what we get each other for holidays that we NEVER MAKE IT to the actual holiday before giving each other gifts. (I like it this way, because it drags the holiday out nice and long.)

The "big gift" this year was a 2010 Ferrari.


But, equally impressive, Tyler gave me a super sweet, super beautiful, super classy watch. There are no words to describe this thing- I feel like a bajillion bucks wearing it. I think my arm has a little more swing, a little more sass to it now.  Ty did a freaking awesome job going out on his own, deciding what I wanted when I myself had no idea, and blowing me away with his spectacular taste. 

Today, 4 and a half year old Isaac gave me his gift.  This was a crazy adorable event. He gave me Super Mario World for the Wii, and MAN was he excited about this. Of course I made a big stink about how excited I was, and his eyes... they just lit up. Here's some of our conversation:

Isaac: "Oh Mom! Isn't this the best present ever?

Can we play it now?

Let's play it now!

Are you ready to play it right now?


Mom I see that you are so happy!

I am just so proud of this present!

Let's play it now!

Oh mom, its such a pretty game. It's the most beautiful thing.

Getting presents is so much fun, right mom?

Should we play the game now, huh?"

Tyler and I were, of course, beside ourselves with giddiness listening to this one sided conversation. We love that kid so much- so sensitive and emotional, which is 95% of the time a good thing.

I'm off to bed, looking forward to the last day of life in my 20's.  I'll leave you with this AWESOME image my sister Julie took the last time we all went to Disneyland. You can't beat the perfectly placed rocket spires on his head. Neat!

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