I'm back from L.A. boudoir shoots and I'm excited to show you a really great image captured there at the bottom of this post. But first, a little story about a recent gym experience.

On the Tigger/Eeyore scale I am about am eight.(Don't pretend that you are not well acquainted with the scale.) What I am saying is that I am energetic.I do not bounce around on my tail, but I lean towards that end of the scale.This is evidenced by my sprawling out with my neck craned just so to get the right picture.

I enjoy exercise.So, each and every morning, I think to myself, "Self, let's get our aerobics on."

Then my self replies, "Why are you talking like that? Get our aerobics on, what does that even mean?"

Point taken. One particular morning last week, I decided to participate in an aerobics class.

It is well known that the aerobics instructor must score a 9.5 or above on the Tigger Eeyore scale to get the job.My particular instructor requires the scale to be revised.She is so energetic that I feel that she might have had coffee pumped directly into her veins before class.

I figure energy is good, so this is going to be a good workout.Then I realize that Speedracer only has one speed.She clearly believes if you are not first, you are last.It seems like more than wanting to foster health, Speedracer wants to decimate opposition.She begins this by starting the class talking at hummingbird speed.Have you ever heard a hummingbird talk?Exactly.She makes about that much sense.

One third of the class is totally lost.I am risking mental breakdown, but I am still keeping up.All of the childhood hours of follow-the-leader are paying off.

Speedracer looks annoyed.She then starts mumbling her hummingbird commands as she breaks into hyperspeed.Now, two thirds of the class are totally lost.Again, this story is not about me, but I somehow manage to keep up.Of course, I could barely hoist my camera this weekend as a result.

Then she does something I have never seen before.She turns toward the class, fixes a couple of us with baleful glares, and smiles.She slows down her voice.I think, apparently she has worked the caffeine out of her system.

At this point, a brief lesson in a fine point of the theory of aerobics instruction Is necessary.In particular, concerning the two schools of "class facing" instruction.The convention is to "be a mirror" when facing the class.If you want the class to raise their left arms, you raise your right, and so on.There is also a countermovement that is "not a mirror".They might raise their right arm and tell you to raise yours.

Personally, I think the "not a mirror" school is the more cogent, but I am willing to accept either.

Speedracer begins mirrorwise.

"OK, she is a decent instru-What the what the!"

Speedracer has changed mid sentence to not a mirror.So after almost breaking my neck to accommodate the change, I switch to not a mirror.

She decides that too many people are still following so she invents a third school.This is the not a mirror, not not a mirror school.Confused? This involves alternating between mirror and not a mirror at random, and, for good measure, occasionally calling the arm the leg, and vice versa.

At this point, I figured I had three options:keep trying, quitting the gym, and homicide.

Let's just say the Tigger/Eeyore scale is now safely intact.

Warning-I may have exaggerated a tiny bit.(Mostly about the homicide thing.)

On to the pictures I promised.  The hotel room I stayed in was amazing. Minimalistic, modern and had great views. 

First, here are some of me exploring the hotel and the area around it.

Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer
Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer

I am really good at looking off into the distance!

My talented sister took those pics.  We were really confused about this gigantic mirror thing in the hotel room. One side was tinted orange, the other silver. Later we realized that one side was a TV.  It was weird. I chose to use it as a magic mirror, looking to it for advice a few times a day.

Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer

And last, my most favorite boudoir pic of the trip....

Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer

Me and my ever so slightly dirty feet.  This one is for you, Tyler! (growl!)


BLUE LILY | Lifestyle Photographer | Salt Lake City, Utah