Birthday Plans

Remember that time I had a giveaway and forced everyone to give me good birthday suggestions in the comments?

Me too. There were hundreds of really, really good suggestions.

Since then, I've made lots of really awesome plans.

And changed my mind so many times.

There was a plan to rent out a huge space and invite the entire world to the party...

Then a plan to only invite my closest friends.

Then I wanted to escape with only Tyler to Hawaii.

Followed by escaping to Fiji or Thailand.

Next there was that plan to shave my hair off and have an identity crisis.

Now I'm back, with a much simpler birthday celebration.

Party at my house. See below.

birthday invitesmaller.jpg

Everyone is invited! Would be helpful if you actually know me.  But even if not, come and meet me and my friends and party like mormon kids (read: no alchohol).

I swear it'll be fun.  'Specially with your ugly clothes on.

Another Giveaway coming up on Monday!


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