Whoville/ for sale

Welcome to this blog post, we have a full docket:

First on the agenda: items for sale.

Then, whoville house decor.

Ready? Begin.

We are once again cleaning out our closets and ready to sell a bunch of camera equipment. If you are looking for a gnarly present for your photo enthusiast friend, look no further!  Here's what we have to sell (all are Nikon):

70-200mm 2.8  $1500 great condition

d300 $1000 (great condition, minor paint scratched off bottom by LCD screen)

D700 $1900 (great condition, minor paint scratched off bottom by LCD screen)

D700 $1900 (great condition, minor paint scratched off bottom by LCD screen)

24-70mm 2.8 $1300  (works perfectly, has an evil bang up on the side from a crash with a wall and I have pix to show interested parties) (This is the current version of the lens with the nano coating.  It sells for $1800 new)

60mm macro $270 (great condition)

50mm 1.4 AF-S $450  (pretty much brand new) (This is the current version)

mb-d10 battery grip $190

mb-d10 battery grip $190

SB-800 flash $330 (great condition)

IF you are seriously interested in purchasing one or more of these items, please email info@bluelilyphotography.com and we'll hook you up, and add more info if necessary.

Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer
Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer

This year I really wanted to make the house decked out for Christmas.  I felt like I was inspired by Dr. Seuss and had BIG plans to make the house look all Who-ville-ish.  I don't think I achieved my goal at all, but I love how it turned out anyway.  I think I need a much more wonky tree, a lot more wonky wreaths, and perhaps a Grinch lurking around. 

I spent enough money to get the economy back on it's feet; you're welcome.

Some decorations were total old skool though, like my mom's old Dicken's village, the old baby Jesus' manger, etc.  Some decorations are from Tyler and my first Christmas together, and though they may be hideous, I still love to look at them and remember our first year as a family.  We have two sets of stockings because I can't bear to throw out the original stockings I bought us that first year, even though when I look at them I simultaneously get all teary and sentimental and want to bore my eyes out with a drill because they are so tacky.

I'm exaggerating.

But this new set of stockings is awesome.  My only regret is that I only bought four. How short-sighted of me!  I mean sure, we're probably done adopting children from various locations but what if?  You know?  Anyone out there have  crystal ball they can use to get me a little insider info before the stockings sell out?  Thx.

Anyway, this is getting lengthy and you all are now ready to bore your eyes out with a drill, so..... lemme just close with:

Tonight i had a very hilarious party with my Fight Club Sewing Night Gals... as usual we decided to dress up as if we were seven years old and playing in our mom's closets.  We dressed as Whos from Whoville and the costoumes were hilario!  To see the pix, check em out on our Blue Lily Facebook Page. You won't want to miss it!

(ps if you do go look, please be aware that I know I look very, very frightening while my friends look hawt. I'm totally used to that, and therefore coping quite nicely, thank you.)


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