Do you have a boy child?  I do.  His love for me is intense, full-powered love aimed straight at my heart. I love him back the same way.  I have a girl child too, and I love her very, very deeply. I feel so fortunate to have both.

There's just something about boys, though.

Recently I've noted that my Isaac and I are very, very entwined right now.  I am saddened every day by his growing-up-ness.  I'm losing him to a bigger, stronger, smarter boy. I love that boy too- because I can talk longer and in deeper conversation with him, laugh harder with him, watch him more easily make connections. But he's only 5 and I feel like tomorrow is the day he goes off to college.

I'm trying not to mourn it. You know, because it's about 13 years too early.

Yesterday Isaac told me he was getting married. He's not sure if he's going to marry Lily or Taylor; he says it's a close call.  But, when he escorted Taylor out of school and up to her mom yesterday, then hugged her firmly and planted a kiss right on her forehead, followed up with, "I love you", I about died. Where does he get this stuff?

Poor Taylor. She's probably freaked out. 

On a slightly related note, we saw Where the Wild Things are tonight.  Surprisingly, I didn't love the parts where Max is with the Wild Things. I only loved the parts where he's at home, specifically the parts with his mom.  If you've seen the movie, you'll know that not a lot is verbally said between Max and his mom, but a lot is being said otherwise. I was extremely touched by their relationship. The emotional looks between them. Boys just have something about them. Something a little more soulful in the eyes.

I want to gobble him up, I love him so.

Tyler got  a new lens today, so he took Isaac into the backyard to try it out. 

Who knows what the frown is about.

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