Giveaway update

Whelp, we decided that we're gonna give somebody 75 bucks to ANYwhere, not just the two aforementioned awesome vendors. 

Because, frankly- the men were complaining.  

So- comment to win $75 bucks to anywhere!

BTW- I've moved hotels now.  When checking in to this new place in the middle of nowhere, the clerk said, "Oh, I'm sorry, there are actally no more king sized beds available... we'll have to upgrade you to a deluxe luxury suite."

Oh, darn.

Upon arriving to my room, this time I was overcome with all things SOUTHWEST.  Navajo this, cactus that. Random chilis hanging from random corners. It's pretty nice though, I must say. Again, the tub is so big I swam laps in it tonight. Backstroke, baby!

The desert theme is getting me all geared up for tomorrow's Phoenix shoots at the Desert Botanical Gardens. I went there today to check it out (I'm the queen of scheduling sessions at places I've never been to). 

I was amazed. There really is beauty in the desert!  

The image below was taken yesterday at the Boojum Tree Hidden Gardens in Phoenix.

Totally radical.

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BLUE LILY | Lifestyle Photographer | Salt Lake City, Utah