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Today my friend Stephanie Nielson and her husband Christian were featured on Oprah.  I'm sure you know their story by now.  The crash, the comas, the recovery.  All of their supporters have been waiting for them to go on the show- we just knew it would happen.

The Nielsons are an incredible couple with an inspiring story of overcoming the most challenging and devastating of trials.  I was expecting to watch and be once again inspired by their courage, spirit, and strength, but the show went off in a direction I didn't foresee.  Instead of simply telling a story from beginning to end... I do believe they showed a lot of women what it means to truly be a mother. 

Watch this clip.

You'll be changed, I promise. Leave it to Stephanie to prove that one of the highest callings in life is to be a mother. To choose to be there for our children, to love them unconditionally- and to not take that job for granted. 

It's a more beautiful story than I could even have imagined.

Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer
Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer

It's always great to see our photo art on client's walls in their homes. But it was frea-king thrilling to see the Nielson's Blue Lily pictures on her walls as art, and even more scattered across the segment. I bet that will never happen to us Blue Lilys again.  So I'll end on a selfish note and say, that.was.rad.


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