So.  Here it is: the great Etsy giveaway.  

1 lucky winner will receive:

ONE HUNDRED BUCKS TO AN ETSY ITEM(S) OF YOUR CHOICE!  (small print: shipping charges apply toward the $100). 


So here are the rules:

Make a comment here, show us and the other readers what you would buy.  That way we can all discover pretty things we didn't even know existed on etsy.

ALSO, you must put a link to our blog on your facebook status.  Not on your wall, in your status.  So this will probably have a small pool of participants because not everyone uses facebook! If you aren't friends with Blue Lily on Facebook, be one- so we can see the link!

This contest will end on October 7th.  Good luck!


Be sure to check out the video in the post below. It's fab.


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