Hurry Hurry!

I'm sure you've heard that NieNie is back to blogging!  What a cutie. A big ol' auction-fest is going on right now over at Formerly Phread.  I urge you to go bid on something that will raise funds for our dear Nie!

Especially this item (I just copied this straight from Formerly Phread, that's why there are all of those fancy font colors, etc!) (hurry and bid because the auction has been up for like 1 second and there's already a bid):

NIE AUCTION ITEM #16 - Blue Lily Photography Session

The amazingWendy Whitacre strikes again!

Wendy, of Blue Lily Photography, has generously offered to donate an amazing photo package.

The photo package is the Family Collection, and includes the following:

~1 hour session

~15-20 images on CD

~1 11x14

~2 8x10s

Winner of this bid may attend any of Wendy's photo sessions in the following areas:



Las Vegas

Northern California

Washington, D.C.

New York City

Southern California (location of Blue Lily)

Value: $425


BLUE LILY | Lifestyle Photographer | Salt Lake City, Utah