Is Blue Lily coming your way?

Due to an increase in requests to come to Washington, Colorado and New York (plus other places in the east), I've decided to pack my bags and hit the road to several new locations.  All I need is 5 families to get involved to make a trip happen.  I've got a few for each location already, but here's what I have planned:


Requests have come in from Baltimore, Connecticut, New York, and Washington D.C.  I'd like to make this happen either the 27th-30th of September, or the 6th-9th of October, before it gets too cold- let's see what you all would prefer. I'll go wherever there is the most interest.


I'd like to come out in early December.  Only Holiday Package B or other Family Packages will be available since there won't be time to order  holiday cards.  Prints will  arrive to your home in time for Christmas if we can hold these sessions the first week of December.

COLORADO:  I'm planning to come out next spring unless one of the above trips never makes it off the ground.  There simply isn't enough time this year!  I could come out on the 1st through 3rd of October if you really beg! :)


Let's make this happen! Please email me at wendyatbluelilyphotography dot com with your suggestions and requests.



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