We have..... a Winner!

I decided I really, really like giveaways.  It was so much fun to read through all the comments and laugh and dream of all the things that are so deliciously beautiful at Anthropologie.  Most of you were really into this little assignment, which left me with this insanely strong desire to drop everything and head to Anthro RIGHT NOW every time I read a comment.  I'm headed there in the morning to buy a $75.00 gift card for the lucky winner!  (and a little something for myself, perhaps?  Uh yah!)

Who is the lucky winner, you ask?!

Random.org says it is commenter #

Picture 6.png

FORTY SEVEN!  Commenter 47 happens to be:

Jessica Jewkes, who wrote:

Picture 7.png

Congratulations, Jessica!  Please email me your address so I can send that card right on to YOU!

I thought I'd point out a few comments that really caught my eye.  

First off, I had to chuckle (and be flattered) at this lovely lady's attempt to make me believe that ANYONE could love ANYTHING more than Anthro.  This commenter's name was Jessica also- and hey Jessica, thanks for the enormous compliment!

Picture 8.png

Next we have Robyn, who represented the humble, selfless side of us all- the side that was for the most part completely tossed aside for our love of Anthropologie.  Good for you, Robyn, for thinking of others! I'm sure the card would have been well received... if only random.org would have understood that. Mr. Random.org never thinks of others.

Picture 9.png

Speaking of Mr. Random.org, I laughed out loud when I read Jessie E.'s comment:

Picture 10.png

Jessie, I think random.org really wanted to pick you, but he's restricted to all these rules or algorithms and whatnot that force him to pick.... randomly.

And lastly, I loved Alexandra's comment.  You can tell she had more fun than any of us on her fantasy shopping spree.  She even went as far as to tell me what she'd by depending on her mood, and I think that's so... practical.  I mean- you never know what your mood is going to be while shopping. Better to be prepared than not, you know? Alexandra, I was crossing my fingers right there with you :)

Picture 11.png

So, the giveaway is over and my phone email will be beeping a lot less tomorrow, since I'm sure I won't get over 100 comments on just any old post. Boo!  But, dear readers, never fear... there is BIG giveaway coming to you on Friday from Blue Lily... but this one will be hosted on another blog, that I'm pretty sure most of you have visited at least once to laugh your head off.  Stay tuned!

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