Auction and Contest end today! (posts below)

It's been a great weekend here in sunny southern California, a little too hot for my taste, but what can you do? 

This will be just a smallish post to remind you all that the auction for NieNie is ending tomorrow evening- the highest bid right now is $900 so keep bidding- let's raise TONS of cash for the Nielsons!  I really appreciate all the bids and thoughtfullness toward their family.

So, did you see their article in the New York Times?  I think it's a great article that reflects the strong emotional bonds we can create through the internet and how we can all help each other out.  I was happy that one of the family pictures I took of the Nielsons made it into the article, along with a comment I made to the reporter.  My comments are brief but they represent a myriad of feelings that I'm experiencing right now, as we all watch this event develop day by day.  I truly believe that "witnessing", if you will, this accident from afar has changed my life- changed my methods of parenting, methods of living each day to the fullest, and most importantly, getting my priorities in order. 

We all go through the struggles of life- whether we be parents or spouses, students or employees.  I think it is amazing that somehow Stephanie got to each one of us; she crept into our little hearts and influenced us from the inside out. And after we had a chance to feel the change in ourselves, we reached out to one another in an effort to aid her little family when they need it most.  

There are many things important to me in my life- at the top of the list are family, the gospel and of course, photography. I'm jumping head first into the great things in my life... just like Nie does.  

OK, this was supposed to be a short post... oh well... Here are some images of gorgeous little gal I met up with recently.

Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer
Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer

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