Giveaway Winners!

Well, this is going to sound verrrrry suspicious, but it's true- Mr. made some very interesting winners!

First off was commenter #50, Sabrina, who won the Gift Certificate to Little Red Wren.

Picture 10.png

Sabrina happens to be one of my past brides.  I photographed her wedding in May and I think this gift certificate to Eve's etsy shop is perfect... because: First comes love, then comes marriage, and then... you know what!  And now I'm envisioning Sabrina and Bruce panicking at the thought of having a baby already. Haha!  Good times.

Here is Sabrina's comment:

Picture 9.png

So, Sabrina, you like Willow, eh?  I'm a little weirded out by that movie, I'll be honest. But Pride and Prej? LOVE IT!

Now here comes the hard to swallow part-  The winner of the Urban Outfitters Card was:

Picture 8.png

Commenter 7- who happens to be my SISTER IN LAW EVE, the creator/owner and sponsor of the other giveaway to Little Red Wren!  This is too weird, right?  Here is Eve's comment:

Picture 7.png

Eve, I'm happy I could rock your world but please, next time don't rig Mr. he hates that.

For the rest of you lovely commenters, I've got another fun giveaway planned for next week, stay tuned. 


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