There is no such thing as a free lunch (3 giveaways!)

I don't want to sound overly harsh, but "There is no such thing as a free lunch" is one stupid saying.  Of course there is!  I, personally, have scrounged at least 249 free lunches in my life.  I had this weird desire to go to school with no lunch and no lunch money.

So, every lunch period my growling tummy would force my eyes to gravitate to whatever yummy lunch my friend Holly had prepared.  She would say something witty like, "Dude! stop staring at my food", or "Step off, lady!"

I would apologize, but my rebellious eyes would not obey my brain's command to stop staring.  Eventually, Holly would relent and I would get a free lunch (or free half eaten lunch- let's not quibble). 

My friends, I tell you- free lunches to exist. As do FREE PHOTOGRAPHY sessions.  Brought to you by... Blue Lily!  How exciting. Lots of other free stuff in the giveaway too at that link.

But, what's more, free adorable hand sewn goods AND free Urban Outfitters gift cards exist.  (Sadly, the tooth fairy does not- at least to the best of my knowledge.)  My next giveaway starts now!

My sister in law/best friend/fellow redhead just opened a brand new ETSY shop.  In her shop are some really fabulous items such as baby taggies and little girl totes, bracelets, blankets, and others.  I'm giving a $30 CERTIFICATE to her shop, to one of my lucky commenters.  

Another lucky commenter will win a $30 gift certificate to URBAN OUTFITTERS! 

All you need to do to enter this giveaway is leave a comment telling me what your favorite movie is- because I'm in need of some good flicks to add to my queue.  Help a girl out!

And yes, good ol Mr. will be choosing my two winners.  I'll be closing the 2 giveaways hosted here at 2 pm on Tuesday afternoon, the 16th of September- the free photography session


will end on Sunday. Please make sure to comment only one time per person!

Because I can never leave you without a picture-  here is a picture of my little guy hamming it up for the TV cameras on Monday when the Today Show visited our house for the NieNie segment.  Isaac was so incredibly good for the cameramen and crew- and I love that he's wearing his boyish Bob Marley t-shirt in this picture.

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