The Great Silent Auction (Three new posts under this one)

Starting at 12 am Pacific Time on Thursday, August 28th, I will be auctioning off the BEST PRIZE EVER! here in this post. 

Designmom has spurred many a blogger to host these silent auctions to raise money for Stephanie and Christian Nielson's recovery fund.  I read today that over 90 participants will be hosting silent auctions on Thursday for this purpose- gives me warm fuzzies all over. 

So, what am I auctioning?  Drumroll pleeeeeeeaseeee.........

ONE Family Package 2, (valued at $480);   PLUS

ONE GIANT 24x36 Gallery Wrapped Canvas of the winner's favorite image from the session (valued at $370); PLUS

50 custom 5x7 holiday cards (valued at $119!)!  (check out sidebar link to see what this year's cards look like)


To sum up: if you are the winner of this auction, you are SET UP!  I think the canvas alone would generate a lot of interest, but add in a full session (which includes 25-35 images on CD, 1 hour session, 1 16x20 , 2 11x14, 4 8x10's, 4 5x7's) and beautiful linen 5x7 holiday cards, and you have yourself the most.awesome.prize.ever.  Right? Right.

I'm going to quote the following from designmom's site:

" I'm hoping people are in a public radio mindset. Like when you hear the NPR commentators say: "pledge your membership of only $75.00 and we'll send you this canvas tote bag with our logo on it." You know the tote bag is worth maybe $5. But it's not about that. You're looking for a way to be generous and supportive. And the tote bag is just a bonus."

I really don't know what to expect from this auction, but no matter what price it goes for, I am just happy that the money will be going to the Nielson's recovery fund.  Stephanie has made a tremendous impact on people all over the world, especially mothers of young children like myself.  She has a knack for making everyday parenting more attractive than taking a month long cruise to Europe.  I know she's made a positive difference in my life and the lives of thousands of others.

Here are the rules of the auction:

1.  Place your bid by leaving a comment with your bid amount in the comment section on THIS post.

2.  You may bid as many times as you want to keep in the lead.

3.  Please bid in increments of five dollars. 

4.  The auction will end at 8 pm PST on Sunday, August 31st.  When the auction has closed, the winner will pay for this prize by paypal to the Stephanie and Christian PayPal account. The winner will then forward the PayPal receipt email to, and we will arrange the details of your session. Communication will be very open during this process if you need help.

5. Southern California, Arizona (Phoenix area) and Utah (Utah County area) residents are all eligible to bid!  Please see sidebar for AZ and UT session info. 

6. If you currently have a session scheduled with Blue Lily Photography in CA, UT or AZ, this prize IS usable for your session. Your deposit will be refunded to you.

7. When makeing your bid in the comment section, please use at least your first name and make sure you leave a valid email address (only I will be able to see it.)

Phew.  That is a lot of rules! 

Here are some images of a beautiful canvas I ordered for Stephanie and Christian's hospital room/home.  And some other samples of how large your 24x36 gallery wrapped canvas will be (it ain't no 8x10 people! It's huge!)

Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer

(and yes those are blank frames up there on the mantle with it- shame on me!)

Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer
Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer

In the picture above the canvas is laying on my 6 person dining table- pretty big canvas, eh!?

Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer
Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer

This is to show the texture of the image up close.  Colors are rich and pop out right at you.  

Well, if you've made it through this crazy long post, congratulations. Now, go and bid!  And feel free to email me at if you have ANY questions!

Happy NieNie day!


BLUE LILY | Lifestyle Photographer | Salt Lake City, Utah