more hairs are cut

I'm all about boys with shaggy do's, but sometimes I long for that clean cut look.  It's been like a barbershop at our house lately!  (But I still refuse to cut my hair even tho its been waaaaaay too long.)

I just have to post this picture of my adorable little Isaac sporting his new, less shaggy 'do.  Adorable doesn't even cut it- he is beyond words.  Lately he is growing up right before my eyes and I'm afraid I can't stop it from happening... so for now he's my sidekick and I'm enjoying everyminute.  

Check him out.  ISN'T HE THE CUTEST?

Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer

 ok one more:

Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer

BLUE LILY | Lifestyle Photographer | Salt Lake City, Utah