A note to clients

Happy Thursday, dear readers.  This is just a little informative message for you all about what's going on at Blue Lily for the next month. 

My family and I are moving homes in a little over two weeks and I'm having to close down the studio for a while until I can get unpacked and get the studio up in our new  garage.  (I have many cool and exciting plans for the new studio!) I am also not scheduling any more sessions that will fall between now and May 7th-ish.  If you absolutely MUST have a session in that time frame, then let's talk, but otherwise we can schedule for after that.  The studio will be mostly closed until later  in May. 

For those who already have sessions in the time frame above, your session is still on!  I am excited to meet you and photograph you.  There may be a lack of blogging during the move since we won't have internet for a while, and there may be a delay in getting your gallery on the site. Thank you for your patience.  This month has been a pretty wonderful/crazy month and I still have  4 sessions and one wedding to complete before the big move.  In May I have 3 weddings and several sessions plus a lot of unpacking and painting to do.  Sounds fun, right? RIGHT?  :)

And for a little teaser- hopefully tomorrow I will be launching something so secretive and so exciting(for me at least)! Not even my husband knows about it yet, I am THAT sneaky.  Stay tuned!


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