Ahoy Mateys!  We have a winner for the Caption Contest... our very first entry was by Angie and what do you know, she won!  Congratulations, Angie! You are the winner of a free session from Blue Lily, complete with a whole CD of images to print out AS.YOU.CHOOSE.  Whenever she wants, no matter how big! Sweet.

Angie's entry:

Damm Paparazzi!!!

 Hilarious.  Just hilarious.  Angie, I know I don't know you or even where you live, but I assure you I had many of my friends commented to me in person on the hilarity of that comment. You go, girl!

As for the rest of you, thank you very much for playing... your submissions were all SO CLEVER and funny and they consistenly gave me stiches in my sides from laughing.  

Should we play again sometime? 


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