Guess what! Blue Lily has a BRAND SPANKIN NEW WEBSITE!!!!!!!!

Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer

I am so excited I will not be able to sleep tonight!  Check it out here and please, PLEASE comment and tell me what you think! This website is like my 3rd baby. I love it so much.  It's clean and colorful and pretty and functional, I could go on and on.

New things on the site:  

1. Private Proofing Galleries:  For every session, I will be assigning a password to the client so they can look at their proofs on my website.  You can order prints from your package right from your proofing gallery!  See #2.

2. Shopping Cart:  It is what it sounds like. You pick your faves from the proofing gallery and order them right then and there. No more emailing me sizes and file numbers and all that jazz!  soooo cool.

3. Calendar:  If you ever wanted to stalk me, now you can.  :)

 4.  Lots of cool images featuring: YOU, my clients!

 5. More of my personality mixed in. Could this be a bad thing?  perhaps. But clients should know I'm a tad spazzy before they meet me, right?

I should probably back away from this post right now before I explode from giddyness.  To bring me back down to planet earth, I will drop some "bad" news.

1. My old site looks LAME. But it's gone forever! (hopefully... I hear sometimes the old one can pop back up for a few days after the change *shudder*) 

2. Proofing gallerys are now private.  But I will be posting more sneak peeks in my session posts, so don't worry.

3. I still need to make some changes but I couldn't wait to launch it. So look for new stuff later.



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