A Stah Wers Christmas

Our Christmas was great. Tyler and I were really, really looking forward to it this year now that we have a kid somewhat old enough to understand it. Isaac still didn't understand that he could ask for specific things, so we got to surprise him with whatever we deemed appropriate. Which, turns out, is a bunch of Star wars stuff (in his cute voice, he calls it Stah Wers. It would melt your heart to hear it).

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We started out with our tradition of reinacting the nativity scene with little cousins:

As you can see- it was.... a little less peaceful than the original.

From there, a forced hug by the tree...

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On Christmas morning it was so fun to see the kids play with toys they had no idea they were getting. Here's an example of Isaac's reaction to each of the 15 Stah Wers guys he was given. Pure Joy. The kid is obsessed.

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For the record, Tyler's face also looked like that as he watched Isaac open them. Tyler was just as excited about these guys. All together now: awwwwww.

Here is actual documentation of Isabelle actually playing with a toy:

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And bringing me a present to play with (she is so scrumptious):

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And finally, the boys playing with guys:

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So as you can see, we had a great time. Here are some other hilarious/non-hilarious highlights from our holiday:

1. Isaac asking me every 2 seconds "Hey mom, do you wanna play guys?"

2. Somebody asking Isabelle what she got for Christmas, and her answer was a pathetic, "I got sick."

3. Yup, all four of us came down with a crazy cold virus. FUN!

4. As we were sitting in traffic, Isaac asked, "Mom, why do we have traffic?"

I answered, "It's just part of life."

He replied, "I want this traffic life to be over."

5. When Izzy was climbing on my back to get a horsey ride, she poked my bum and said, "You bum is so big."

6. Realizing 2 days too late that I never delivered the goodie plates I made for friends and neighbors.

7. Realizing 7 days too late that I still haven't sent out the Christmas cards that are sitting on my desk.

8. Isaac telling me, "Mom. Did you know santa is a fake? Oh nevermind. You told me that. HAHAHA."



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