Not at all bitter!

Announcing... the winner of the Whilrligig Necklace! Winner is commenter Jen who wrote a hilARious comment:

"I freaking LOVE that necklace. I'm at work, so my connection is slow, so I only saw a piece at a time while the picture loaded... so I saw the top bauble and thought that was the whole thing and i was like "Oh my goodness! So cute!" And then the next one loaded and i was like "GAH! Cuter!!" And then it finally loaded the whole thing and i was like "!!!". Yeah. Just like that.

I'm tired.

So my suggestion for music is.... everything on my playlist. But to simplify, try Jack's Manequin. They're pretty much Win."

Congrats, Jen! You are rewarded for looking at this blog at work!  Your Whirligig is on it's way. Totally adorable, just like you said. And hey, to all you who did suggest Jack's Mannequin to listen to: good one.  I listened to "Dark Blue" about 3,487 times on my way to and from Arizona. I love me some male falsetto!

Speaking of Arizona...

Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer

My trip to AZ was:  CRAZY!  I "worked" non-stop. Unless you count that teensie little trip I took to the Scottsdale Anthro. Didn't buy anything though- boo!

I loved the folks I met in AZ.  Sincere, funny, kind people.  I do have some things to say about AZ in general though. "Issues" you might say.

To the lady at the Pecan Groves front office: BOO to you.  You made my life miserable and we are not friends for at least a year. Take THAT!

To the makers of Speed Limits: BOO to you, for causing the entire state to not be able to go faster than 60. There are even cameras ready and waiting to catch you "speeding" if you go 65!  65 is my slow pace, people! I have people to see, places to GO!

To the makers of Street Names: You can really do better.  Don't put one name on google maps and another name on the actual street. Causes me to beat my head against the steering wheel in anxiety.

To that $%&*@# sprinkler that decided to turn on right as I took my lens off for a quick lens change- UP YOURS!  Got my sensor and camera guts all wet. 

Now, I realize I may sound bitter here, but I assure you I'm not. I liked my trip to AZ and I'm happy I'm headed back in February for more shoots. (but I really hope they increase the speed limit by then....)


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