Yup, my kids again. (Giveaway 2 posts below)

I'm blessed to have two kids who like being photographed.  They need little coaching and know there's a reward afterwards.  Usually it's chocolate milk, but today it was a trip to Target. Tricked 'em!  Little did they know that was much more of a treat for me- who here is a Target lover? I start to shake when I think of going without Target for a week. 

Well, I don't have anything too important to say, except: I'M SO EXCITED TO GO TO WASHINGTON DC! 

These two cuties are staying behind. I'll miss them but... not!  :)

Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer
Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer

Oh, I almost forgot!  I got some additional holiday cards for this year's collection, so go check em out in a few hours when I have them up in this gallery.  Hi, my name is Wendy, and I'm a card junkie.


BLUE LILY | Lifestyle Photographer | Salt Lake City, Utah