And the winner is.....

Did I say "winner"?  I meant winners.  The judges could not narrow it down to just one.  The first prizes go to:

Ginnie J.  from Pennsylvania for her submission shown below:

Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer

Judges comments:

Judge #1: This person really knows his/her stuff.

Judge #2: The colors rock. I couldn't decide between 3 finalists but the color finally threw this one into 1st place. 

Judge #3: I liked the nail polish props.  Do girls really use 2 colors? Also I like how the feet are up close.  My feet are not that cute.

OK, winner #2 is Jessica E.  from San Diego, her submission was:

Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer

Judges comments:

Judge #1: It's sepia and has a baby in it. What is not to love about this picture?

Judge #2: I loved the unusual crop of this picture. Really does something for me.

Judge #3:The baby is eating his toes. Kind of gross, but mostly cute. Big winner for me.

Some "wonderful" insight from our judges.  Okay, perhaps Judge number 3 is a tad disgruntled. But we love him anyway.  THANK you so much to everyone who played.  I am so glad I was not judging because I would have died from the stress... too many good submissions. Soon I will post all the entries so you can see them.. I got two pictures of men's feet that Judge #3 was originally gunning for.  Sorry guys.

 I'll be contacting the winners soon, and STAY TUNED for more contests!

Wait... I have to post one more.  This was my personal favorite.  Sent in by 9 year old Sidney from Temecula.  I think it is so RAD.  So clever, I never would have thought of this, and I don't even think it's because I don't play with dolls anymore.


Just look at the composition. And the colors. And the awesome collection of Barbie shoes. Wow. Good job, Sidney! 


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