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Actually, I can't remember any details from this weekend except that I had really good soup.  But I'm sure it was a good weekend, I just don't want to explode my brain by thinking too hard.

So. The contest. The first contest is beginning now.   Our first contest will be to take a picture of feet and send it in.  Our judges will be looking for  originality.  They don't necessarily have to be cute feet, or human feet, they can be any feet from any angle, or a foot for that matter, non-plural. Use your creativity for this one, try something new. 

Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer

Rules:  NO professional photographers are allowed to play.  Trying to keep this fair.

You must take the image yourself. 

It must be a new image, taken after yesterday.

One entry per person! Children can enter but they MUST take the picture and do any editing themselves.

You must email the image to me:  whitacres  at gmail dot com with your name, return email address, physical address & phone number (not for marketing- just so I can get a hold of you) and if you'd like to tell a little about the photo that would be great too, but not necessary.

You must have fun with the assignment.

Judging will be done my my sister, my parents, and my husband. Judges will not know the creators of the images.

All entries must be submitted by midnight, Sunday the 27th of January. That's one week! Get going!

Prize: One free session from Blue Lily, including one CD of 10-20 high-res images you can keep.  Session must be redeemed before June 1st, 2008.  Session will be held in Temecula, CA or possibly Utah County, Utah if I have a Utah winner.   Limited to sittings of one person  up to immediate families (parents and their children).

At the end of the contest, I will post all entries so you must be okay with me showing everyone your work. I will not give credit, so you can remain anonymous. 

OK, those are the rules.. unless I have forgotten something important, I will post it later!  

Next week we are going the Valentines Day contest, where you send in pictures of something or somebody you love.  The following week we are having  Funniest Caption contest, but first I need a few weeks to find a funny picture I can use on here!  Can you believe I have NO funny pictures?  If you have one I can use, please email it to me at whitacres at gmail dot com.

Thanks, and GOOD LUCK! 


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