Contest Time!

It's slow around here! 1-2 sessions a week?  It's killing me!  The holiday season craziness has left me thirsty for more sessions, so I'm going to have a nice little contest this next week.  The winner of this contest receives 1 free session with 20 high-res files on CD!  Nice.   This contest will work very differently from the last one.  No poll this time.  I'm going to have a panel of judges decide who the winner is.

Only problem is... I'm feeling very under the weather and my creativity is missing. I can't think of any fun contest ideas!  So that's where you come in, dear readers.  Leave me a comment with a fun and exciting idea for a contest.  This isn't limited to locals, but you must be able to travel to Temecula within the next 5 months to redeem your session, or if you live in Utah you're probably ok too since I'm coming out there at least  once in the next 5 months.

 So... get thinking!  I get 2,000 unique hits a month so I know you people are out there with your good ideas!

Ready...set.... COMMENT! 


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