Well, two matters of business for you wonderful people.

First, all of my Utah sessions have now been filled.  Thank you so much everyone for loving Blue Lily!  It will take crafty persuasive skills to get me to do more.  Wait, no it won't.  Call me.

Secondly, this month I've had more than ONE THOUSAND visitors to my blog!  Uh-HELLO!  This is craziness.  I'd like to thank everyone for spreading the news about Blue Lily, for putting Links up, for booking sessions, for putting their big freaking portraits on wall for their visitors to see, etc.  I appreciate you all SO MUCH!  I love coming across new blogs and finding Blue Lily on the links list... it's like Christmas morning.  

Now, for that many readers, I sure don't get a lot of comments. SO.... 

To celebrate our 1,000 visitors, I'm going to reward a lucky commenter! Whoever can first guess correctly how many times I've watched the movie "Clueless" wins a $15 iTunes gift card.  Yah baby.  So, the rules state you have to be under the correct amount or right on to win.  You have to leave your name and email address on the comment or you can privately email me your email address. The contest will end at 10 am in the morning on 9.21.07!

 Ready.... GO!


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