Wow. It's been crazy here at Blue Lily.  I'm sure you have noticed that the contest has... uh... gone wild?  Which is great, fabulous.  I have had more hits in 48 hours than I ever got in 3 months combined on our family blog.  I want to thank everyone for directing the world to this site for the contest.  I have been busy refereeing the contest, booking sessions like a crazy woman, and photographing beautiful people. 

Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer

There's good  news for you, too, in all this hulaballoo around here.   Because of all the attention, there will surely be more contests in the future!

Just a reminder- Our Grand Opening sale will shortly be over.  You must book before May 31st to qualify for the $175 session plus digital files.  I am creating a new price list which will have several levels and prices, and most will include digital files on CD plus beautiful  prints of various sizes on a professional grade matboard or paper.  This is really exciting and I think everyone will be pleased with the new packages. 

 Once again, thank you to everyone for your continued support of Blue Lily.  We've been open for 1.5 months and I cannot believe how far we've come! You all rock!  (And keep the comments coming... I love comments. They are directly related to my self esteem!)


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