Because of the recent fires in our area, I've been thinking a lot about what I would take if we had to evacuate immediately (thankfully we didn't).   I could really only think of two things; the file drawers with our important documents and memory books, and my computer.  Everything else can be replaced! 

How does this tie into a contest, you ask?  Well, I have all of our family photos on our computer... plus all the Blue Lily Photography images.  It would be absolutely horrid if I lost those files.  So, dear readers, whoever can guess how many photos I have stored on my computer wins a 15$ iTunes gift card (you have to guess it right on or be the closest under the actual amount). You have one week to guess... the winner will be announced Next Saturday morning, the 3rd of November. Only one guess per person please! 

So..... how many pictures are stored on my computer? Please guess in the comments section. Happy guessing!


(p.s. You must leave your email address so I can get a hold of you. Don't worry- nobody will see it except me.) 


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